Global shoppers want technology solutions – Avery Dennison report

In its ‘Digital Consumer Behavior’ study of over 5,000 fashion consumers, more than 90% of shoppers want technology-based solutions to improve their retail experience while 75% want retailers to offer more tech solutions in-store, with self-checkout (32%), kerbside pick-up (26%), and mobile payment compatibility (22%) topping the list.It also appears European shoppers (38%) aren’t quite as comfortable using QR codes since Covid-19 compared to their Chinese (74%) and US (42%) counterparts.

In a post-Covid world, the report’s core finding is that physical retail locations need to adapt by building better links between online and offline touchpoints. “Since the pandemic, online channels have taken on new meaning in the shopping journey, but physical shopping in stores remains highly desirable across all geographies and age groups, if made safe, convenient, relevant and engaging”, the report said.Other findings reveal that over half of the global shoppers surveyed said that receiving a personalised offer on their phone to use in-store would increase their likelihood of visiting a physical shop. Similarly, 44% said the same thing about digital experiences in-store, such as the ability to scan a QR code for product information. Meanwhile, 40% said that connected/smart fitting rooms would motivate them to visit.The report also showed that, globally, over 60% of fashion consumers wanted more transparency about where their clothing had come from and how it was made.Mike Colarossi, VP of product line management, innovation and sustainability, RBIS at Avery Dennison, said of the report: “We believe the need to bridge the on- and offline experience is greater now than ever. Intelligent labelling of apparel can do that by driving the omnichannel, enhancing transparency and enabling solutions to some of the industry’s most vexing sustainability challengesคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. The garments we wear can become a lot smarter; they just need to be connected.”
คำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง

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