Danish Union Joins Swedish Strike Against Tesla

Tesla has found itself in an escalating labor dispute with Scandinavian unions as Danish dockworkers said they will refuse to transport the automaker’s wares to Sweden.

Denmark’s 3F union announced Tuesday they would not facilitate the movement of vehicles headed for Sweden in solidarity with Swedish union IF Metall members, who are demanding that Tesla sign a collec…

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Exclusive- Survey Shows Toll of Working For Amazon

Amazon has long come under fire for the exacting targets that it places on its workers. Now, a new survey adds further detail to the impact those targets appear to be having on employees’ physical and mental health. It comes as the U.S. Department of Labor fined Amazon $60,000, on Wednesday, for what it said was a failure to keep workers safe at three U.S. warehouses.

Occupational S…

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Here’s Why Bitcoin Just Dropped Below $30,000 For the First Time in Months

Bitcoin briefly turned positive after tumbling earlier below $30,000 and erasing gains for the year amid growing concern about a broad crypto crackdown from China.

The original cryptocurrency, which dropped below the key round-number level for the first time since January, has lost more than 50% from its mid-April high of almost $65,000. That compares with a gain of about 12% for the S&am…

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How a YouTube Strike Could Set a Big Precedent For Workers’ Rights

Several teams of subcontracted YouTube workers went on strike on Friday, to protest a return-to-office policy that they say is an attempt by YouTube’s parent company, Alphabet, to bust their union. The case could have implications that reverberate across Silicon Valley.

Around 40 workers in total, who are directly employed by Alphabet’s outsourcing partner Cognizant, walked ou…

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It’s Expensive to Be Poor. This CEO Wants to Reduce ‘Antiquated’ Bank Fees and Wait Times

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PayPal’s CEO and president did not learn his most important business lesson in the C-suite of the $215-billion fintech platform, which he has led since 2014; nor in his previous top jobs at T-Mobile, Sprint, Virgin Mobile or Priceline. In his mind, it came fr…

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Sonia Guajajara on Land Rights and Empowering Women

It’s been a busy few weeks for Sônia Guajajara. When Brazil’s first ever minister of Indigenous peoples met with TIME in September, she was speaking on a panel at iconic London private members club Annabel’s alongside activist Txai Suruí, having just been in New York for Climate Week. The Indigenous Voices panel was facilitated by The Caring Family Foundation, a big backer of reforestat…

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What a Bear Market Means for the Economy

If you invested pandemic-era gains into the stock market, or own a 401(k) plan, get ready for an anxiety-inducing ride. For the first time in nearly two years, the stock market crossed into bear market territory this week as inflationary concerns have sent the S&P 500 spiraling down more than 20% from its record high in early January.

The grim milestone marks yet another low point for…

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Nextdoor Is Opening Doors for Small Businesses

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Sarah Friar, chief executive of Nextdoor Holdings, takes a somewhat Pollyannaish view of how the neighborhood social networking platform will fare during the next downturn.

“Nextdoor is still really well positioned to continue to show growth…

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Why TikTok Shopping Could Flop in the U.S.

TikTok users in the U.S. may not be ready to embrace shopping on the platform—despite the company’s apparent plans to build up its U.S.-based e-commerce operations, which Axios reported this week.

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, it has rolled out a QVC-style shopping feature called TikTok Shop across Asia and parts of Europe. The service allows brands and creators t…

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Your Struggle Is Your Superpower

We’re at a perilous moment in time, when so many of us are searching for a “new normal” after the past few tumultuous years, and looking for more meaning in our lives and careers, reprioritizing our lives. We need a guidebook to get there.

That’s why I wrote NEXT! The Power of Reinvention in Life and Work. I wanted to answer the question so many of us are …

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